What is AcuGraph?


AcuGraph is a computerized system used to analyze the energetic status of the meridians. Using this cutting-edge tool, we are able to provide high quality care to our patients.




AcuGraph 1

AcuGraph measures the energy (Qi) level of your meridians. Using this information, we can make better-informed decisions about your condition, and provide the best treatment possible.




AcuGraph 3

AcuGraph provides us with a number of guided protocols. Compounded with knowledge and experience, we can therefore select the most effective acupuncture points for treatments.

What is it used for?


  • Objective documentation of Qi
  • Evidence-based progress reports
  • Proof of treatment effectiveness




AcuGraph 2

AcuGraph provides instant graphical analysis and interpretation of your meridian energetics in nine different graph styles, such as yin/yang and five elements, in a format you can easily understand.




AcuGraph 4

AcuGraph allows us to follow-up your improvement status. By comparing the before- and after-treatment results, you can also track your own status of progress.