Direct Billing


For the convenience of our patients, we now offer services of direct billing to insurance providers. This means that you will not have to pay for your acupuncture services out of pocket. For patients requiring direct billing, please note that we need to predetermine your eligibility and coverage status. To do so, we need some basic information (name, date of birth, policy number, member id...) of the insured member and the family member who requires acupuncture services.


As the policy of different insurance companies varies, the time needed for such predetermination also varies. It is advised that you provide the basic information well before your first appointment. Consultation and acupuncture treatment can only be initiated after your eligibility is confirmed. Please also note that your insurance may only cover a portion of the required fee for acupuncture services, and that you are responsible for paying the rest of the balance out of pocket.

Insurance Carriers


Following insurance providers accept direct billing for acupuncture services although some require pre-authorization by the insured member. Please visit your provider’s website (link provided) for more information or contact your benefit provider for assistance.


† Only allows for the plan member to receive reimbursement, therefore all fees incurred are still applicable.
‡ Plan members must first authorize the use of electronic statements through the plan member site.